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 Services of WiredX.net

What is WiredX.net?
WiredX.net is an ASP(Application Service Provider, not Application Hosting Provider), which provides pure JavaTM X Window System servers, WiredX, to your web browser directly. WiredX enable access to Unix applications on your LAN from your non-Unix desktops(Windows 95/98/NT/2000) via web browsers(IE, Netscape and Mozilla).

Why WiredX.net is provided?
We are convinced the ubiquitousness of X servers will leverage the growth of GNU/Linux, *BSD, Unices, X and Open Source communities and expand their marketing opportunities. We firmly believe WiredX.net will contribute to their success.

What is WiredX?
WiredX is a pure JavaTM X Window System server, developed by JCraft. It is based on J2SE. Please refer to FAQ.

How about costs?
WiredX.net members can use WiredX with no paying and it is free to become a WiredX.net member.

What are required?
To enjoy WiredX, you need

  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000 machine,
  • web browser; IE or Netscape,
  • Java2 plug-in(J2SE 1.3 RC1 or higher) and
  • of course, Unix machines on your LAN for running x clients.
If you will run GNOME, KDE desktops on WiredX, Celeron 400MHz and 64Mb RAM machine will be preferable.

How to start?
First of all, please sign up and follow instructions. Please note that you have to grant WiredXthe socket access permissions.

Who provides WiredX.net?
WiredX.net has been provided to you by JCraft, who has developed WiredX from scratch. JCraft is always happy to receive your input.



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