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 Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Getting Started

Troubleshooting for running WiredX

General Questions

Q: What is WiredX.net?
A: WiredX.net is an ASP, which provides pure JavaTM X Window System servers, WiredX, to your web browser directly. Those X servers enable access to Unix applications on your LAN from Windows machines via web browsers. Please refer to Services of WiredX.net.

Q: What is WiredX?
A: WiredX is a pure JavaTM X Window System server, designed and developed by JCraft from scratch. WiredX has following features,

  • WiredX is written in Java2.
    Its byte-codes measure about 200KBytes in JAR format.
  • WiredX accepts X window protocols(X11R6.3), directly.
  • WiredX doesn't need any proxy program.
    Some Javanized X servers have existed already. They, however, need a proxy program, which translates X protocols to their own proprietary protocols.
  • The Copy&Paste operation between WiredX and native window system are supported.
  • 1bpp, 8bpp(color and gray scaled color), 16bpp, 24bpp and 32bpp visual colors have been supported.
  • WiredX has supported scalable fonts.
  • WiredX has supported TrueType fonts.
  • WiredX has been compatible with EsounD.
  • SHAPE extension has been supported.
  • MIT-SHM extension has been supported.
  • XDMCP,REXEC have been supported.
  • Built-in screen savers have been implemented.
    Some sample screen savers, which list headlines of Segfault.org, Linux Today, slashdot.org and freshmeat.net are available.

Q: What is JEsd?
A: JEsd is a re-implementation of EsounD in pure Java. EsounD has been used for the sound support on the Gnome desktop and there are many EsounD compatible applications, xmms, freeamp, enlightenment, gnome panel, etc. By JEsd, you can hear outputs of those sound apps on WiredX from speakers of your Windows machine. To enjoy JEsd functionality, you need J2SE v.1.3.* or higher. JEsd is under LGPL by JCraft and available at JCraft.

Q: What is JRexec?
A: JRexec is a REXEC client, written in pure Java. By JRexec functionality, you can exec x clients on remote hosts without telneting there. At present, to use JRexec functionality, WiredX must be used. JRexec has been developed by JCraft under LGPL and available at JCraft.

Q: What is the Secure X Session service?
A: In this service, WiredX.net provides a pure Java SSH2 client, JCTerm, with WiredX. By this service, you can connect to SSH2 enabled hosts and display remote X clients on WiredX by X11-forwarding functionality of SSH. JCTerm has been developed by JCraft and licensed under GNU LGPL.

Q: What is the Anti-Aliasing Text support?
A: If you enable this support on your own personal page, texts on X clients will be anti-aliased. You know that XFree86 has also supported anti-aliasing font by adding RENDER extension, but the advantage of our support over it is that you don't have to re-program your X clients. This screenshot has demonstrated the Anti-Aliasing Text support.

Q: How much does it cost to use WiredX.net services?
A: WiredX.net members can use WiredX with no paying and it is free to become a WiredX.net member.

Q: What are the WiredX.net Terms of Service?
A: You can read our Terms of Service at WiredX.net Terms of Service.

Q: Who provides WiredX.net?
A: WiredX.net has been provided to you by JCraft, who has developed WiredX from scratch. JCraft also has developed functionalities used in WiredX services, JRexec, JEsd, XDMCP support, etc. JCraft is always happy to receive your input.

Q: How about the support for the Mac OS platforms?
A: WiredX is based on J2SE, so WiredX will not run on Mac OS 9 until J2SE is supported by Mac OS 9.
Accoring to Steve Jobs, Mac OS X will support J2SE completely. If the mantra of Java, 'Write once, run anywhere' is true, WiredX will run on Mac OS X without so many modifications.

Getting Started

Q: How about requirements?
A: To use WiredX, you need
  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000 machine,
  • InternetExplorer 4.0(or higher) or NetscapeNavigator 4.5(or higher),
  • Java2 Plug-in(v 1.3.* is preferable) and
  • of course, Unix machines on your LAN for running x clients.

Q: What is the suggested PC configuration to run WiredX?
A: There is no required configuration, but Cerelon 400Mhz and 64MB RAM are preferable for using the Gnome desktop on WiredX.

Q: I am using a firewall or proxy server. Can I enjoy WiredX.net?
A: Yes, you can. WiredX.net just provides you pure Java X servers as jar files through HTTP protocols and those X servers will just accept requests from x client on your LAN. This means that you don't need broad bandwidth connections to the Internet to enjoy WiredX.net services.

Q: How to start?
A: First of all, please sign up from here and follow instructions on the HowTo page. If you are registered user, sign-in from here and submit the form on your own personal page to start WiredX.

Troubleshooting for running WiredX

Q: I received error messages "X connection to broken (explicit kill or server shutdown)" in executing x clients.
A: It seems that a policy rule has not been applied to your JVM correctly. If you have done instructions in HowTo correctly, please check DNS configurations of your desktop machine if you are accessing the Web via proxies. To apply a policy rule correctly, your JVM must be able to resolve 'wiredx.net' to an ip-address. Please check here. If you can not fix this problem, please write us.

Q: I can run xlogo, but how can start the Gnome desktop?
A: If you can run xlogo with display name '', try following commands

    $ export DISPLAY=
    $ gnome-session &

Q: IE crashed in starting up WiredX! *
A: If you are on Window9X, enable Java Console on Java Plug-in control panel and try again. We don't know the reason, but this trick works. It seems there are reproducible problems in the combination of Java Plug-in v.1.3 and IE, Windows9X.

Q: IE freezed in starting up WiredX if Secure X Session service was enabled! *
A: It seems, in some situation, IE or Java Plug-in will freeze if two signed applet exist on same page. Here is a tip for working around this problem. At first, run WiredX without this service and then back to your personal page and run WiredX with Secure X Session service. We don't know the reason, but this trick works.

SSH is a registered trademark and Secure Shell is a trademark of SSH Communications Security Corp (www.ssh.com).



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